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I created this page to function as something of a clipboard for me to enter comments as I go through your pages.  As they say, iron sharpens iron?  =)  You may or may not ever read this page.  =)

The Concept of G-d

=) Personally, when I write, I generally try to use vocabulary that doesn't send my reader running for their dictionary... =) but in your case, the words are actually well chosen and so appropriate:

reify  (got net?)



Disagree.  Under the title "whatsoever things are true", a few years ago the artist Jewel came out with a song called "Hands".  And it is true in the one sense that we can function as God's "hands"... but to jump from there to saying that God is not manifested apart from humanity is to carve up the Torah.  For the Torah very clearly relates that God manifests Himself in this world through the holy angels.  Additionally... the Torah refers to sightings of The Angel of the Lord several times.  Finally... the Torah refers to God in the plural ("Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD Almighty"; Isa 6:3 NIV) and yet ("Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one." ; Deut 6:4 NIV)... the one true God Who does "interfere" =) in the affairs of man all on His own.  =)

Again, disagree.  The Torah does not communicate God as an "it".  Your choice of vocabulary words fits quite nicely here, because literally, in the Torah we see God reify Himself.  It's really great here how the concepts and terms cross over so nicely with class.  =) "Let Us make man in Our image"... hence... the BaseClass of humanity is God... and as such, .Personality is an inherited property.  =)  To read the Torah as men anthropomorphizing God is not accurate, and smacks more of a conspiracy theory than the truth.  The truth is that God doesn't even really need to anthropomorphize Himself (although He did)... because the very qualities (self will, conscience, personality) that we "anthropomorphize" are, in fact, inherited properties from God.  =)


Disagreed.  And I think would also disagree the jews who took the long way home up out of Egypt...  =)  that they somehow instantiated God.  =)  Or is the clay to say of the potter... why did You make me like this?  At the time of our instantiation, =) God was already instantiated.  What a trip... but just think of it in terms of .NET (and our goofy customer objects that have the ability to instantiate and log themselves in without a system object).  =)  We are objHumanBeing()s... and we were instantiated via a .CreateHumanBeing() method off of the objGod object.  =)  Once created, we were added to a collection on the objGod object... .colHumanBeings.  The inheritance for these objects gets rather intricate since the objHumanBeing object actually inherits the .CreateHumanBeing() method (with a new required parameter, that is).  =)  Somewhere in that whole cycle is a command that says .DoEvents()... and thus we all breath and have life. =) Human beings do not instantiate God... human beings were instantiated by God...  =) "in the beginning".

Again... disagree.  But understand that this writing is now dancing around a mystery from pretty much this point on down.  =)  Example: a man at a party needs a loan so he can go out with everyone else.  A rich dude very loudly gives him the loan right their in front of everybody because the rich dude liked looking generous in front of people.  =)  The reasoning behind the deed negates it's potential goodness.  Perhaps God's solution in that situation was to have everyone pitch in a buck to flat out pay for their friend (no loan).  =)  But again... this might almost sound like me splitting hairs... but remember what the prophet wrote:  "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" (Jer 17:9 NIV).  It is no small irony that an example of a wrong thing done for the right reason would be the crucifixion of Jesus.  =)  The deed... and the reason behind it... in the eyes of God, Who binds everything together, are always evaluated together.  



















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