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O.K.  Just a little about me.  I started writing computer programs (in Basic) on something called a TRS-80 (model 2) at the ripe old age of 8.  =)  By contrast, I did not start getting interested in playing the piano until I was closer to 16.  Just like with the computer, I have had very little formal training on the piano.  I know my chords, and if absolutely necessary, I can sit down with a piece of sheet music and pick my way through it (Every Good Boy Does Fine).  =)

The first "real" keyboard I ever owned was the Ensoniq TS-12.  This was 7 years ago, and my first studio consisted of plugging that keyboard into the CD inputs of a $100 boom box.  =)  Sequencing was done using CakeWalk Pro (version 3) on a 386 running Windows 3.1.  =)

Thanks to the modern miracle of E-bay, I will soon have a replacement TS-12 (the original one was pawned years ago when times got tight)  =) ... and in anticipation of this event, I was going through my old recordings.. and decided to start a music page here where I could post some of my old recordings, as well as some of the new stuff as it becomes available.

The collective recorded works from my first TS-12 today fills about 2 and 1/2 hours of cassette tape, and while I never had the habit of naming my songs, today I am giving the entire original collection the simple title of "Version 1".  Here are some tracks from Version 1 in MP3 format to give you a little flavor for the kind of music I've made.  

The original cakewalk files have probably all been lost to the Quik80 backup format (these MP3s were made off a cassette tape). =)  But... as work on Version 2 moves forward, stay tuned here as I'll be able to post tracks in both MP3 and General MIDi formats.













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