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Visual Basic

This is my own little OCX that contains 7 of my own personal UserControls I have made for use in my projects.  I have posted many of these controls on Planet Source Code (go to the VB section and just search for "The Frog Prince")... but this OCX in an experiment in taking those UserControls to the next level and turning them into a compiled set of includable ActiveX controls.

A number of things did change, code needed to be re-organized, particularly with jeffLabel.  It's the youngest of my controls, though, and I'm still working on it. =)  I had to turn to subclassing for the OCX version to get a good refresh... but admittedly, it still needs some work.   Plus... I can't seem to instantiate these controls in Front Page yet... which is a goal of this project.

But they work great in VB and you are free to download this OCX and sample VB app (also check my write ups and sample projects at Planet Source Code).  It has one dependency (besides the vb run-times), the subclassing component I use (from vbAccelerator).  Everything is included in this simple install.  Stay tuned to this page because I will be continually posting improvements here in this ongoing expirement.