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Visual Basic

ID3Lib Example VB Project

Last Updated: 08-13-02

This zip contains a current copy of the compiled vbID3Lib.dll and my example VB project and MP3 class file.
Jeff's VB Stuff  
This setup file optionally installs:  my personal VB add-in I use on a personal basis every day, my own little collection of 7 home-grown ActiveX controls, and a little sample VB 6 project that implements all of the controls.  VB6 run-times are not included, just the dlls and ocxs.

Visual C++

(vb)ID3Lib 3.0.8pre3

Last Updated: 08-03-02

This is a zip of the modified copy of ID3Lib (aka vbID3Lib).


MP3 Tool 2 (BETA)

MP3Tool has been relocated to a new server, in part due to the need for a web install.  You may access this install along with updated details on the progam by click


This is my personal MP3 Librarian I made in Visual Basic.  This is BETA so be sure you read the details before you download this.  Also, my apologies to those who are not on broad-band, but with the default options of the MS Object Packager, the beta install is a 14 megs large cab file (I had it split into 6 files instead of one to hopefully help out).  =)





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